**Paul Grünbacher**
Institute for Software Systems Engineering at Johannes Kepler Universität Linz (Austria).
Requirements Monitoring in Systems of Systems
Time: 11.15, Novemeber 23, 2017
Place: IT University of Copenhagen, room 4A05

Many software systems today can be characterized as systems of systems (SoS) comprising interrelated and heterogeneous systems. Due to their scale, complexity, and heterogeneity engineers face significant challenges when determining the compliance of SoS with their requirements. Requirements monitoring approaches are a promising solution for checking system properties at runtime. This talk will describe a requirements monitoring approach for SoS providing the following characteristics: it uses a DSL-based approach for defining and monitoring requirements; it allows modeling the monitoring scopes of requirements with respect to the SoS architecture; it employs event models to abstract from different technologies and systems to be monitored; and it discovers violations of requirements at runtime across different levels and systems. The talk will also report experiences of applying the approach to a real-world SoS of an industrial partner in the domain of industrial automation.

Host: Andrzej Wąsowski