Tijs van der Storm (CWI Amsterdam)

Bridging Grammars and Meta Models -- Revisited
Time: 10.15-11.00, Thursday January 11, 2018
Place: room 3A08, IT University of Copenhagen, Rued Langgaards Vej 7

In the field of software language engineering (SLE) it is commonly
observed that there is a conceptual divide by so-called "grammarware"
(tools, techniques, and concepts where context-free grammars or
algebraic datatypes are used as data definition schemas) and
"modelware" (tools and techniques based on object-oriented meta
models). Both approaches have their benefits and drawbacks, but the
gap between different representation formalisms prevents reuse of
various tools. In this talk I would like explore a way to bridge both
kinds of representations, which allows a seamless and online way to
synchronize language engineering artifacts across such conceptual
borders. This is early joint work with Benoit Combemale and Thomas
Degueule, -- I will present initial results based on interfacing
Rascal ("grammarware") with the Eclipse Ecore ecosystem ("modelware"),
and discuss applications to coevolution of models and source code, and
live DSLs.