CS faculty meeting Tue 26 September 2017 at 1200-1300 in 5A60
  1. News: Welcome to new colleagues associate professor Maria Paasivaara and assistant professor Zhoulai Fu; as announced in ReadIT you can book an office ergonomics consultant for advice; IPv6 hackathon at ITU 4-5 November; Danish e-infrastructure Cooperation (DeIC) provides various offers, including access to non-Danish Nordic supercomputers for small projects ("like a few hundred thousand CPU core hours over a 3-4 month time period"); please take note of your spring 2018 teaching assignments as proposed in mail of 19 September from Course Manning Coordinator; departmental coffee break in 4D Wednesdays at 1500 (successful inauguration last week thanks to Paolo; tomorrow with cookies); study administration looking for teachers from BSc Software Development (BSWU) for interviews concerning review of the education program (mail of 25 September from Andreas Frost); ...
  2. Status on hiring processes.
  3. A new course base (to replace the one in mit.itu.dk) is being developed, will be deployed from fall 2018. Course descriptions will be split into (public) course base and (private) LearnIT descriptions. Revision of course descriptions to start fall 2017.
  4. The Study Board has reconfirmed its previous decision that courses in English-language programs (such as BSc Data Science and MSc Software Development and the future MSc Computer Science) must be taught and examined in English. This includes oral exams and thesis exams, even when the student(s), the teacher and the external examiner all speak Danish (or German, Swedish, Italian, ...). This goes beyond the externally imposed requirements: "Har undervisningen i et fag været gennemført på et fremmedsprog, aflægges prøven på dette sprog [...]. Universitetet kan fravige denne regel." (Eksamensbekendtgørelsen §6 stk 3).
  5. An IT Council with one representative from each research department (BI, CS, DD) and the ITU IT department will be created to improve communication. It will deal also with security matters, including the degree of lockdown of machines and how to make exemptions from that.
  6. News from the ITU Board meeting Thu 21 September (if available).
  7. Interacting with colleagues, including the administrative departments, at ITU.
  8. Any other business.

Minutes by Zeljko:


- two new employees introduce themselves, maria (agile) & zhoulai (rosin)


- peter: lots of interviews in the coming weeks, monitor the talk announcements, 6 scheduled, next 6 weeks, 1 offer so far

- jesper: who decides on the shortlist? ps: hiring committee; shortlist obviously cuts out "valid" candidates

- paolo: this point raised at faculty club; transparency of the process, advertising---"good candidates" dropped, but passed in another call; peter: will be taken at the faculty council

- philippe: status of comp sci call? peter: calling for interviews, first one tomorrow

- jes: our shortlists are longer than typical anyway

- carsten as chairman of comp sci: not enough members of faculty involved; peter: there has to be external majority, 1:2-2:3; philippe: internal discussion of faculty? peter: experiment with balancing internal discussion vs. official part of the process; yvonne: privacy issues for the candidates, esp wrt home university


- thomas: workflow not designed for teachers? peter: to do for a future meeting; yvonne: legal implications of course descriptions vs. teachers' preferences? peter: public-private split is meant to address that; marco: study board is in charge of ilos, no teachers are bound.


- troels: issue of sign language? got permission for danish exam in this case; exceptions possible. marco: cross-group fairness point, english-native vs. danish-native speakers, but uniformity crucial.


- peter represents the department at the council & talks to faculty club; jesper: relax the hardware acquisition but agree to security rules.

- peter: board approved (a) creation of MSc CS and growth in CS education overall; (b) more focus on information security at ITU, education, research, ...

- carsten: will share the proposal for information security at ITU, wrapping up




- thomas: announcement, nice kickoff meeting for the new project, 60m dkk, innovation foundation.