Computer Science Department

This is the faculty-maintained homepage for the Computer Science Department at the IT University of Copenhagen. The department was created 1 January 2017 from the Theoretical Computer Science section and the Software and Systems section. The department conducts research in all aspects of computer science, including algorithms, databases, logic, image analysis, machine learning, natural language processing, operating systems, optimization, programming languages, proof assistants, robotics, semantics, software engineering, type theory, verification and more, as well as a range of its applications. It is responsible for the IT University's BSc and MSc education programs in software development and computer science.

We are hiring in Machine learning; Data science; Computer Science.

Research groups



  • Aleksandar Dimovski (with Andrzej)
  • Alexandru Florin Iosif-Lázar (with Andrzej)
  • Bassel Mannaa (with Rasmus Møgelberg)
  • Jesper With Mikkelsen (with Rasmus Pagh)
  • Jonathan Fürst (with Philippe)
  • Mai Lise Ajspur (with Rune)
  • Mansooreh Zahedi (with Ali)
  • Martin Aumüller (with Rasmus Pagh)
  • Morten Esbensen
  • Muhammad Aufeef Chauhan (with Ali)
  • Rosario Giustolisi (with Carsten)
  • Sam McCauley (with Rasmus Pagh)
  • Stig Anton Nielsen (with Kasper)
  • Tim Wray

PhD students

Technical officers

Talks and visitors

Other information


The department's faculty is located primarily in the 4B, 4C and 4D wings of the IT University, Rued Langgaards Vej 7, DK-2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark. The department's email alias (which reaches all internal members) is computerscience@itu.dk, and the department head is Peter Sestoft.